Challenge 4

This post is for Challenge #4 of the student blogging challenge

What makes a blog good?  good blogs are when they are creative but they don’t distract you from reading the text they provide you with. The writers stay on topic and include enough details. Their writing is Interesting and makes you read on.

If you were to visit Nevada

This post is for challenge #3 of the student blogging challenge.

If you were to visit Nevada, you should go to Las Vegas first. In Las Vegas there is a lot of places to go to. There are Casinos and hotels located in central Las Vegas , or the strip as it is called there. In some of the casinos they include roller coasters. Circus Circus, New York  New York, and Sahara are some of the casinos with roller coasters.In one of the casinos in Las Vegas, they include a aquarium.  A part from the casinos you can also visit there. There are other places you can visit like the Spring Preserve and Red Rock Mountain. I hope you can come to Nevada its really fun here.

roller coaster


Post for challenge # 2

This post is for challenge 2 of the student blogging challenge.

It is appropriate to show your real picture for your blog so a friend can find yours instead of finding one that has your name but it not you. Its not really safe to put your real picture because any person you do not know can get your picture and find you. In some ways putting your picture is not safe so i recommend you not to. that is just my opinion.